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Propose a Blocker or Freeze Exception

Bugzilla Information
Bug Number Bugzilla User
Fedora Release
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Blocker Information
Blocker Freeze Exception
A release blocking bug is a bug which is judged severe enough to justify blocking release until it is fixed. Blocker bugs generally violate a release criterion (alpha, beta, final) and follow the blocker SOP.
Freeze Exception
Freeze exception bugs are generally not possible to fix with an update after release but do not qualify as release blocking. Freeze exception bugs follow the freeze exception SOP.
Justification (Required)
Why Require Justification?
Proposing a bug as either blocker or freeze exception requires review by Fedora contributors. This process is much more straight forward when there is a clear reason why a bug has been proposed. If you are proposing a blocker, please cite a violated release criterion ( alpha, beta, final) if possible.
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